About Us

Ian Bellamy - Custodian of El Faro Restaurant & Bar.
image 2019 was the 20th anniversary of Ian embarking on his Spanish Adventure. Seeking a place that he could make his own. Ian explored the quiet residential area of La Manzanera made famous by one of Spains greatest architects, Ricardo Bofill.

Here he found El Faro, a bar and restaurant designed by the great man himself. The unique design and character of the place instantly appealed to his own distinctive persona.

Ian's vision was that El Faro would become the place for locals to regularly enjoy his hospitality. With the best of beers and wines to choose from, and a menu that delivered more than the usual steak and chips, he hoped that visiting tourists would also return year after year for the same reasons.

Over the past twenty years Ian has met strangers and made many friends whilst building El Faro into what it is today. To keep things fresh changes have been made from time to time, not just the table cloths but major works to the interior also; yet his ethos remains the same.